Dr. Şerife Tekin

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Bioethics

“We do know,” said Tekin, “both from research and patients’ first-person reports, that active engagement in one’s own recovery process
“We should stop calling these apps a medical device or tool or therapist until we prove and show that they
“Worries about AI; A Treatable Health Condition; Fixing Injured Joints” Upstate Medical University's HealthLink on Air for Sunday, Jan. 24,
“AI Therapy: Could Your Next Therapist be a Robot,” Stonybrook Press, by Kaan Ozcan, November 11, 2023: https://sbpress.com/2023/11/ai-therapy-could-your-next-therapist-be-a-robot/
“Does experiencing something from the first-person perspective generate new knowledge? This question has been debated in philosophy of mind, cognitive
In 2018 Serife Tekin, an associate professor at the State University of New York who specialises in the philosophy of
“Can AI Replace Therapy: Hey Pi is the Conversational Chatbot that Works,” Medium, by Ginger Liu. July 19, 2023: https://medium.com/technology-hits/how-pi-ai-replaced-my-therapist-72c21eca6f85
“Chatbot is very intrinsically, I think, a western concept because it kind of assumes that everyone who feels depressed or
‘It would be wrong to overstate its capacities for responding to human challenges such as curbing loneliness, or supporting mental
Tekin, Ş. 2023. Participatory Interactive Objectivity in Psychiatry. Imperfect Cognitions: Blog on delusional beliefs, distorted memories, confabulatory explanations, unrealistically optimistic
"The hype and promise is way ahead of the research that shows its effectiveness," says Serife Tekin “Therapy by chatbot? The
"My biggest challenge is to get rid of their fears around science or space knowledge," Tekin said. "They always think

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