Dr. Şerife Tekin

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Bioethics

“When you look at the history of philosophy, you will see that it was the mother discipline that had the
“we form a circle of involvement with one another and teach each other to be open-minded about each other’s opinions
“The goal of internationalizing UTSA’s Medical Humanities program is to expose students to a variety of health situations and enhance
“I want to have as much face time with students as I can and I want faculty to also have
"It's creating an illusion of help." - Serife Tekin “The Problem with Mental Health Bots”, WIRED, Grace Browne, October 1,
"That's the beauty of philosophy. There are no set answers," Tekin said. “As long as you develop an argument and
“...the low or no cost of downloading an app is attractive to people. Compare this to the costs – both
Body language and tone are important to traditional therapy, Tekin said, but Woebot doesn’t recognize such nonverbal communication. “It’s not
"The pandemic hit and this technology basically skyrocketed. Everywhere I turn now there’s a new chatbot promising to deliver new
"These products are developing so fast, and there's so much enthusiasm," said Serife Tekin, a University of Texas at San
"My stomach flipped when I saw the subject line of a recent email: “Currently dying.” One of my students was
“I think it’s extremely problematic to be surveilling and monitoring employees that way, because this will then imply that it

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